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Tips on the First 100 days with investors


The First 100 days with your investor are more crucial. Your investors are going to be with you for a long time in the near future. . They mark the beginning of a new relationship. What should you focus on during these days.

The first 100 days with your investor can be the most crucial days. Making a strong relationship with your investor is important because you are going to work for a long time. To make good decisions for the company a good understanding between the founders and the investors is must.

Akshay Bhushan is saying that to build relationship with investors he prefers to do some informal sessions. The first 100 days with investors are important to figure out what are the priorities of company. Investors setup a Matrix Tracking Infrastructure so that they can track the progress of the company. 

Founders can also track the progress of the company by Matrix Tracking Infrastructure. So, the first 100 days with investor are very important in the life of an entrepreneur. In this video, Akshay Bhushan is discussing about the first 100 days with investors.

Akshay Bhushan is partner in Lightspeed India. He is a series A lead investor and the Advisory Board Member of Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator. He has invested in companies like Flipkart.

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