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Part 4 – How to Save and Manage Money



Disclaimer- The idea is to get you thinking about your reserve fund, we are not experts.

It is about time women take charge and manage money ourselves. This series explores on how to save and manage money and raising lemonade stand kids.

Noted Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, in one of her books, talks about the idea of Feminism Lite(which she advises to reject entirely).

According to her, Feminism Lite uses analogies like, he is the head and you are the neck. ‘He is driving but you are in the front seat’ and in general uses the language of ‘allowing’. Women, for generations, had been conditioned to give away financial control to the ‘head’ of the family. Of course, times have changed. Yet, whether or not there is a ‘he’ in your life, the conditioning is so deep-rooted within us that we voluntarily give up the nitty-gritty of finances. It is about time we take charge and feel truly empowered.

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