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What is an ideal Slide deck for pitching

Presenting your slide deck for pitching in front of potential investors could seem unnerving. Fact is those few slides can change the course of your start up. Further it involves condensing work of few months or even years into a 7-8 minute presentation. 

How important is this pitch deck? How many slides are ideal? How much information could get too much? Akshay Bhushan, explains that 30-35 pages long slide deck is not preferable. You should be able to convey your message in max 8-10 slides. After this it will be more a Q&A session wherein investors can discuss points they feel for a deeper insight.

Apparently there is an abundance of templates online. Nevertheless, you have to make your own personalised slide deck for pitching. A perfect pitch deck presents a thorough view of our ideas with clarity. But the toughest part is to keep your audience’s interest intact.

To provide respite from these dilemmas, our mentor Akshay Bushan explains what Ideal slide deck for pitching is. Being an investor himself, he provides point of view from the other side of the table. His expertise and schooling from Wharton makes him our best source to ace at pitching game.

This video is part of Start-up 101 series, where our experts provide guidance on all start-up bottle necks. Our goal is to provide A to Z solutions to these hurdles and boost confidence of novice entrepreneurs.

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