Startup 101 Design Series - Importance of UI and UX designer to a Startup

Startup 101 Design Series – Importance of UI and UX designer to a Startup

UI and UX build relationships between product and customer. Interface has power to turn visitors to customers in the long run. Further it acts as a medium, through which users judge our product. Hence it is the responsibility of  the UI and  a UX designer to make this experience painless and enjoyable. 

An efficient UI and UX designer should be able to design, create and maintain application successfully. Moreover, he/she should be able to be up to date with current trends. Therefore it is our job to build a team with fine balance of expertise and novelty.

Our mentor Jay Dutta, a Design wizard explains the process of recruiting a UI and UX designer.  He has been in design team of Adobe and Make my trip. Moreover he calls himself a compulsive curator, guiding next gen designers through various conferences. Please do visit to know about the kind of conference he curates.

The series Start-up 101 is an innovative way to guide new entrepreneurs through uncertainties.  Instead of catering huge content, we make it simple and crisp through FAQ’s. Our team of successful entrepreneurs share their expertise and provide us with well tested pathway. If you need to have any specific question answered. Do write to us.

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