Intermittent Fasting for Women and its advantages

Video on intermittent fasting

Humans have been fasting since ages due to non-availability of food or other such reasons. As our era has progressed we fast for betterment of health. This is getting ruined in fast paced lifestyles. Not everyone can fast with such ease. Hence Intermittent fasting technique was introduced to enable continuous fast for few hours of day or a few days a week.

We women have different body types. Also different health concerns as opposed to men. Hence it is important to understand everything about intermittent fasting for women beforehand. Allegedly this pattern of diet could make our body consume food efficiently and burn more fat.

How does intermittent fasting for women differ from men? What are myths about this process for women? How long does our cycle of fasting be before we break it? How to figure out whether a day cycle or week cycle works for us women?

In this video Ravi Mantha explains us about the process of intermittent fasting for women. He is a healer, angel investor, farmer, author, public speaker, political advisor, and poet.  He is co-founder of Sage Sustainable Living and Baby Elephant Permaculture Farm where he grows food using organic permaculture. He authored The Baby elephant diet and All about Bacteria

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