Importance of Mentoring for Growth of Startups -

Importance of Mentoring for Growth of Startups

Mentors act as catalysts for success of a startup. A lot can happen with the right nurturing at the right time. It’s a waste of resources, when entrepreneurs have capabilities but no guidance to channelize their energies. Therefore it is paramount to find right mentoring for growth and sustainability. 

A mentor could be anyone from your family or friend or ex-colleague or your investor. All they need to have is enough expertise, network and enthusiasm. Hence it is the responsibility of founders to recognize and bring efficient mentors for the growth of company.

In this video, Ravi Narayan stresses importance of mentoring for growth of a startup. He is an alumnus of IIT-M and USC, current CEO of start-up incubator T-Hub Hyderabad. He mentored various start-ups as part of accelerator programme of Microsoft.  Moreover, he also acted as an advisor to state governments and also to national governments of Singapore and Malaysia. 

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