Startup 101 Growth Series - Organic Growth versus Inorganic for Startups

Startup 101 Growth Series – Organic Growth versus Inorganic for Startups

Organic growth of a company refers to innate strength to make profits and sustain on its own. On the other hand Inorganic growth refers to success of company through M&A s, takeovers, JVs etc. 

Entrepreneurs may prefer organic growth as it lets them stay true to their dream. Conversely in inorganic growth losing the control to investors in inevitable. But chances of gaining high revenues through organic would be very thin. 

How can we sustain through organic alone? What would be the best time to look out for external funding? Is it worth losing our stakes to outsiders?  How to make best of both scenarios?

Our mentor Ravi Narayan is alumnus of IIT-M and USC, current CEO of start-up incubator T-Hub Hyderabad. He mentored various start-ups as part of accelerator programme of Microsoft.  Moreover, he also acted as an advisor to state governments and also to national governments of Singapore and Malaysia. 

This video is part of Start-up 101 series, a handbook for all your start-up worries. They are a series of crisp, straight to the point Q and As to all the possible dilemmas. It starts with definition of a start-up and extends to investing, hiring, product development and what not.  A definitive startup manual might be non-existent but we have the FAQs covered.

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