PS : NEXT Women

  • I am the NEXT Women
  • I am eNough
  • I am Enduring
  • I pursue eXcellence
  • Most importantly I know how to Take

About half of the world population is women. But the percentage of working women as compared to men is drastically low in India. Until recently, women were still not allowed to drive or vote in few countries. Occupation of women CEOs in Fortune 500 companies is less than 10%. What is the reason for this discrimination and gap? Traditionally women were snubbed in the name of patriarchy. It existed in every country under one name or another. But many heroes or rather sheroes have paved the way for our generation of women empowerment.

We have Kiran Mazumdar of Biocon, Arundathi Battacharya from SBI (Former), Indra Nooyi of Pepsico and many more inspiring us through the years. Right now we have hundreds of entrepreneurs, founders and pioneers in various fields acting as light to us. Though this achievement is huge, it is still not enough. We still have miles to go before we sleep. It is the responsibility of ours to pave way for NEXT leader.

Our platform PS: NEXT Women aims at building and enabling this new generation women to lead us into the new era. We strive for overall well being in career, financially, emotionally and spiritually. It’s time we removed all the doubts and rewrite our stories. We know how hard it is to win in a world which constantly stops you at every step. Moreover there are years of curbing and self doubt to cure at this juncture. Because of this, we need strong heroes taking charge and leading us to success.
When a woman wins, she uplifts an entire generation out of darkness. Hence our aim is to stand with various leaders who make sure our futures are Golden. In this space we provide you with information on Health, Wealth management, Finances, Career guidance, Entrepreneurship, Spiritual growth, Breaking taboos and plethora of other things. Join us in this journey of mindfulness and awareness and let us together become the NEXT Women.

Our PEP platform will help you guide through this journey.

As part of the platform we have The PS Show

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