Rajinikanth and lessons from Movie Dialogues

Lesson from the Rajinikanth Dialogue – If you know when you will die, your life will be hell

In this video, PC Bala decodes an inspiring management mantra from Rajinikanth and draws lessons from his dialogues. Rajinikanth, rightly called Thalaivar – A leader, is revered as a hero not only because of his profession but also in real life. His simplicity and austerity have earned him a cult following all over India.

The management mantra that PC Bala focuses on is Rajinikanth’s dialogue: “If you know when you will die, your life will be hell.” Through this dialogue, PC Bala explains the negative impact of the fear of failure. He stresses that one cannot stop doing their job just because they sense an imminent failure coming. The success rate of startups is meager, but this fact cannot stop a founder from trying again. Fear stops us from moving forward and dampens our efforts towards the next project. Instead, PC Bala urges us to treat failure as a useful experience and build opportunities out of every stumbling block.

By embracing this mindset, entrepreneurs can overcome their fear of failure and take calculated risks in pursuit of their goals. They can learn from their mistakes and use them to their advantage, rather than letting them hold them back. This approach can lead to greater resilience, innovation, and success in the long run. Ultimately, Rajinikanth’s dialogues can be a powerful source of inspiration for anyone looking to achieve career growth and success in India.

P.C. Bala Subramanian is a Chartered Accountant by profession, who later on Co-founded Matrix Business Services. Further he is also an Author, Speaker, Bibliophile, cricket lover and movie buff. Being an ardent admirer of Rajnikanth and lessons from his movies, he authored best sellers like Rajini’s Panchatantra and Grand Brand Rajini.

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