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Rajinikanth Dialogue two – Life and Management Lessons


“I will deliver what I promise and deliver even what I didn’t”

Brand Rajinikanth is synonymous with the dialogues that he says in the movies. This particular video talks about the Rajinikanth dialogue number two in this series.

What are the lessons we learn from this dialogue in business. The foundation of lasting self-confidence and self esteem is excellence- mastery of your work. This value statement takes the management mantra of excellence and simplifies it. it talks about beat expectations in whatever it is to be done.

Rajinikanth Dialogue two in this series takes about the lesson in life – surprise others and go beyond expectations.

Coolie to CEO, entrepreneurs to business magnates, students to grandparents- Rajninikanths punchlines hold a special place in heart of wide spectrum of people. This is according to the book details here  written by P.C.Balasubramanian.

Also author of the book Brand Rajini

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