Self-Publishing Success: Tips from Indian Authors

If you’re an aspiring author, writer, or storyteller looking to self-publish a book, there are a few key tips and strategies that can help you achieve success in India’s competitive literary market. In a recent video featuring Ushasi Sen Basu, author of “Kathputli”, Febin John James of “Cloud Is a Piece of Cake”, and Kiruba Shankar, the experts share their insights on how to self-publish a book and make it stand out

The video focuses on the importance of self-publishing without the assistance of a publisher or self-publishing agents. The guests also share effective and efficient ways to finish writing the book faster, as well as the importance of marketing and pricing to ensure that the finished product receives the recognition and sales it deserves. In today’s era of social media and blogging, marketing and promoting your new project is easier than ever. These platforms can also be used for sourcing information and ideas about your book.

The art of storytelling is central to human beings, but only a few get published. Ushasi Sen Basu and Febin John James published their books without the assistance of professional publishers. This means they were involved in writing the manuscript, editing, publishing, and marketing. Ushasi Sen Basu wrote a fiction novel and didn’t feel comfortable giving the reins of her book to anyone, so she did it herself. Inspired by a technical book written in a simple manner, Febin John James wrote a book on Cloud with the aim of making it simple and affordable for everyone. He conducted pricing research that would enable local people to afford his book.

Kiruba Shankar also shares his views on different formats available to get the author’s message to the appropriate audience. The three writers outline methods to publish stories using the available resources.

If you’re looking to self-publish a book in India, remember to focus on the key aspects of writing, editing, marketing, and pricing. Utilize the power of social media and blogging to promote your work, and make sure to research pricing strategies to reach your target audience. With these career growth tips and success strategies, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful self-published author.

Ushasi Sen Basu, author of “Kathputli”, and Febin John James of “Cloud Is a Piece of Cake” in on how to self publish a book.