Startup 101 PM Series - Skillset required to be a Product Manager

Startup 101 PM Series – Skillset required to be a Product Manager

A product manager is a link between the company and the consumers. His/her major responsibility is to ensure that the company delivers a product that guarantees clients satisfaction. A technology product requires to be worked on by different personnel to ensure its functionality is satisfactory. It is a product manager’s role to lead these different departments to curate the best product. They are involved from the inception when the product is an idea until it is a final product. With this job description, there is certain skillset required to be a product manager.

In this video, Harsha Kumar Partner at Lightspeed India discusses top priority skillset required to be a product manager. These include very strong people person, analytical skills and communication skills. 

The product manager deals with both the customer and the business side of the product. Therefore people skills are required to source information from the user. Furthermore, he/she has to communicate the said information to people responsible for building the product. In addition, being analytical ensures that only important information is incorporated in building the product.

Harsha Kumar‘s reputation in the tech business precedes her. She has been involved in numerous companies as a product manager and has also assumed other management roles.  

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