Strategic Product Launches: Leveraging Startup Events

Startup Events in India to help launch product

A well-executed product launch at a startup event can significantly enhance your business’s market presence, attracting customers, investors, and potential collaborators. Santosh Panda, Founder and CEO of Explara, emphasizes the importance of selecting the right platform based on your product’s stage of development.

Products in the conceptual stage, where ideas and prototypes are still being refined, benefit from pitching platforms that offer mentorship and input. Events such as NASSCOM Product Conclave and Next Big World provide an ideal setting for presenting and refining early-stage concepts.

To maximize the impact of your product launch, it’s crucial to understand your product’s development stage and choose the appropriate event for pitching. Startup events tailored to your product’s needs will offer the best chance for success and growth.

With a wealth of experience in event organization, Santosh Panda’s Explara caters to various industries, offering networking events, marketing events, ticketing, and meetup services.

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