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Advice on best Startup Product listing websites


What are some of the best Startup Product listing websites that can help with the promotion of your products. And how does that help?

Startup product listing websites assist founders in promoting their products. They make the company visible for customers or investors. Although digital marketing sounds like a cake walk, it is easier said than done. Start-up product listing websites provides us good customer base, peer suggestions, honest feedback and purposeful network.

In this video Prasanna guides us through various Start-up product listing websites. He sheds light on some bright spaces available right now online.  Further he urges us to be clear about what kind of market and investors we are targeting.

Prasanna Krishnamoorthy  is Partner in Value Saas Catalyst firm Upekkha. He enjoys coaching young entrepreneurs and worked with Microsoft Accelerator. Moreover he also authored various articles on start-ups, product management and crafted frameworks for product-market fit. In this series he has spoken on product and tech.

This video is part of Start-up 101 series, a handbook for all your start-up questions. They are a series of crisp, straight to the point solutions to all the possible queries. Here our start-up Gurus strengthens your basics, before manoeuvring your way through nuances of start ups. 

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