Part One of Entrepreneurship and Effectuation

  The Buzzwords : Entrepreneurship and Effectuation It all starts with an Idea. An idea that starts as a speck within an entrepreneur gathers resources, infrastructure, successes, failures, attitude, lessons, collaborations and grows into an ecosystem where more ventures thrive and compete. An idea alone is not enough, though. Its realization takes more than a

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Nine Dragon Paper and Effectuation Principle

   The episode highlights a unique situation that the Nine Dragon Paper Company. It was created by means of an affordable loss deal. This is where the success of the business guarantees an eventual profit and a novel business idea. Therefore a failure would not lead to a drastic disadvantage, as the costs of

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Who is an Expert Entrepreneur by Prof Saras

   Prof Saras D. Sarasvathy speaks more about her research and her study in this video. The research was conducted on various expert entrepreneur. It was to show that the lessons learnt by these “experts” are not merely a result of their individual levels of success or their particular fields or industries of focus.

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