Gujarati – The features of the PoSh Act of 2013

The features of the PoSh Act of 2013 || 2013 ના પો.એચ.એસ. એક્ટ આ અધિનિયમ કાર્યસ્થળ, સુરક્ષા અને નિવારણ અધિનિયમ 2013 પર મહિલાઓના જાતીય સતામણીની રોકથામ છે. તેનો હેતુ જાતીય સતામણીને ઓળખવા અને અટકાવવા અને નિવારણ માટે યોગ્ય મંચ પૂરા પાડવાનો છે. 2013 ના પોષ એક્ટની સુવિધાઓ PoSh Act of 2013 This article in Gujarati

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Part Three of Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act of 2013

  Prevention of Sexual Harassment in a workplace is a matter not to be taken lightly. Sohini Mandal dismantles PoSH ACT 2013 for all to understand. She outlines requirements to ensure the organisation abides by the Act. According to the act, there are different committees for organised and unorganised sectors. In addition, it provides requirements

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Part One of PoSh Act of 2013

  Sohini Mandal is a lawyer who has been involved with the PoSh act 2013 when it was just a bill. She discusses what the act means and what constitutes to sexual harassment in the workplace. As an experienced lawyer, she is member of external ICC (Internal Complaint Committee) for different organization. Moreover she is

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