Part Two of Team Indus and The Dream

  Sheelika Revashanka and Rahul Narayan continue to discuss Team Indus and the dream to land on the moon. The project and the initiative have become so big that they wanted everybody to share in the experience. This included launching global sustainable projects competition to be tested on the moon by the winners. They also

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Part Three of Team Indus Mission Story

  Sheelika Revashanka and Rahul Narayan document the lesson learned in their first attempt to successfully land on the moon. Team Indus mission to win the Google Lunar Xprize competition was unsuccessful due to time constraints and other factors. However, the team is more determined to continue with the mission even though the competition came

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Part One – Team Indus and Har Indian ka Moonshot

    Har Indian ka Moonshot – Team Indus pulled in 100s of people for their mission. Not just that, they have contributed directly and indirectly in inspiring and giving hope to millions of people in India and around the world. According to Sheelika, “We realized that the impact of this (mission) is far more

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