All about WhatsApp Encryption

  We have never heard of a WhatsApp account getting hacked. That is because Whatsapp encryption, which enables only the message sender and the receiver to read the text. This avoids unwanted snooping from any third person even from government and WhatsApp itself. Moreover this end to end encryption happens right on our phones not

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The reason why VPN is important for online safety

Technology and the internet are good for various reasons. However, they are also  vulnerable to undesired activities such as hacking to access classified information. Cybersecurity is a concern and should be a concern for everyone who uses the internet regularly. Manjula Sridhar is a technology expert in cybersecurity and she discusses protection against cybercrime. Did

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Security Expert on How to be Safe Online

How can we ensure our digital safety on the Internet. How to be Safe Online in this new world of social networks & hacking? In this episode of The PS Show, security expert, Manjula Sridhar shares some useful tips on cyber safety with us. Most incidences of online theft are due to simple lethargy on

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