Startup 101 Legal Series – What is Pre-Money and Post-Money Valuation

 It is the responsibility of the founders to keep an eye on the nuances of Business Valuation. Pre-money and Post-money valuation refer to company’s worth at two different timings. In simple terms, Pre-money valuation is company’s worth before it raises investment from VCs. Likewise, Post-money valuation is it’s worth after adding the financing received

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Startup 101 Legal Series – What is CAP table and the importance of it

 The Capitalisation (CAP) table refers to an organized list of all stakeholders and their respective stakes in the company. This sheet clearly lists all founders, investors, directors, and employees who own shares and voting rights. Likewise, it gives a transparent picture of who owns how much by including share prices. Cap table also breaks

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Startup 101 Legal Series – Tips on importance to trademark a company

 Is it necessary to trademark before I register a company? A trademark distinguishes your business from competitors. They act as the face of your company and make an effective communication tool with customers. It’s crucial to realize the Importance of trademark in this digital era. As it protects your brand legally and preserves its

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