How do you keep your Mobile Secure?

Mobile phones opened the world to our homes, but their security is not in our hands. We panic when we can’t find our mobile around for a few minutes, let alone losing it forever. Keeping mobile secure is difficult not only when it’s stolen but also during day to day use. Our mobiles are always

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Sextortion Help – A step by step guide to prevent Sextortion

Opening Video Credit – National Crime Agency UK Step – by Step on Sextortion Some users use the internet to manipulate, blackmail and intimidate others. Sextortion is cyber-crime where the perpetrator threatens the victim with revealing intimate content to the victim’s contacts. The video raises awareness of tactics used to lure victims and ways to

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Security Expert on How to be Safe Online

How can we ensure our digital safety on the Internet. How to be Safe Online in this new world of social networks & hacking? In this episode of The PS Show, security expert, Manjula Sridhar shares some useful tips on cyber safety with us. Most incidences of online theft are due to simple lethargy on

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