Startup 101 Hiring Series – Internal Champions referring New Hires

Why internal champions are the best bet when it comes to finding your team member. Pallav Nadhani, Co-founder and CEO of FusionCharts, explains on what is the best way to engage with internal champions to refer potential hires in the startups. Pallav Nadhani discusses ways to keep the internal champions referring new hires motivated. Internal champions

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Startup 101 Hiring Series – Challenge of finding Tech Co-founder

  Pallav Nadhani talks about ways to find a suitable tech co-founder for your startup. This is someone who will be in charge of the technological aspects of the business. Hence, it is wise to find an appropriate person. He compares finding the right cofounder with finding the right life partner. You don’t ask anyone

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Startup 101 Hiring Series – Advice on hire with poor workplace culture fit

 Corporate culture can be hard to wrap around. Although your mind can immediately jump to enjoyment, such as kegerators and roof celebrations. You already know that culture is much more important than anything else. An organization with a complex hierarchy versus an organization with a straightforward structure favours continuous feedback. Customizing culture helps your

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