Part 1 of How to Save and Manage, and invest Money

Financial independence and freedom is a foreign language to many women. But for the women on the show planning and financial savviness is second nature. The video discusses how to save and manage, invest money to become financially independent. Some of the women have had financial education instilled in them from an early age. Some

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Importance of having a Fuck Off Fund

Ask yourselves whether you have this fall back option where you can be self sustaining even in the absence of whatever regular income you are used to. Kavita speaks about the “Fuck Off Fund” or the “Six Month Reserve Fund”. The video is about the F word but not in a sense that is insulting

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Why is it Important to have six-month reserve fund

Ms. India Universe (2018), Shreya Krishnan speaks about the importance of the six-month reserve fund.  How each of us, especially women – who are often left out of the sphere of personal finance, should therefore – should have these assets and securities to fall back on. The video talks about women, finance and technology. The

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