Startup 101 Growth Series – Importance of Mentoring for Growth

 Mentors act as catalysts for the success of a startup. A lot can happen with the right nurturing at the right time. It’s a waste of resources when entrepreneurs have capabilities but no guidance to channelize their energies. Therefore it is paramount to find the right mentoring for growth and sustainability. A mentor could

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Startup 101 Growth Series – Evolving roles of employees during growth

 Evolving roles of employees during startup growth.  “Ambiguity is great for certain kinds of creative activities but is the mortal enemy of systems design”, said Stephan Haeckel. In a startup culture, where creativity is fundamental to questioning the status quo, could a certain amount of ambiguity in defining a role be beneficial? In high-growth

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Startup 101 Growth Series – Budgeting Tips for the Growth of Startups

 Budgeting is a vital task whether you are putting a proposal to an investor or exploring organic growth. Budgeting tips for growth of start-up involves proper identification and allocation of available funds to achieve exponential profits. What should be the right strategy if you want to budget for the growth of the startup? Which

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