Cash Management for Enterprising Entrepreneurs

Cash management is crucial for a start-up to stay afloat and build investor confidence. But conversely many young entrepreneurs stumble at cash management. It is important to understand profit and cash flow are not the same. During initial days all the activities are headed by founder himself and keeping a track of expenses would be

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Prathibha Sastry

The Prathibha Sastry Show

The PS Show started as contextual channel to accompany women on a journey of self-realisation and happiness, has been designed to evolve PEP platform Videos on Health Health Health is wealth says a wise old saying. It can’t be any truer in today’s busy and digital life. As the world shrinks to your palm, we

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Startup 101 Growth Series – Budgeting Tips for the Growth of Startups

 Budgeting is a vital task whether you are putting a proposal to an investor or exploring organic growth. Budgeting tips for growth of start-up involves proper identification and allocation of available funds to achieve exponential profits. What should be the right strategy if you want to budget for the growth of the startup? Which

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Startup 101 PM Series – What is Product Management by an Expert

 In the Tech Startup scenario, with limited resources, an individual often becomes a Product Manager as well as the Project Manager. Does it help to separate these two roles? Does it require two individuals to manage the same? Are they interchangeable? What is product management?  What is the product you are providing to the

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How to make Travel as a Career

  I am just a Vagabond. Lakshmi Sharath is, in her own words, a storyteller, a traveller, travel blogger. Basically she has made travel as a career. The video is about being versatile enough to change careers. Lakshmi Sharath quit her successful career as a vice president in a media company and followed a new career.

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Prevention of Sexual Harassment – POSH Act 2013

; Sohini Mandal on PoSH Act of 2013 Have you ever faced a sexually colored remark at your workplace? A subtle sexual advance by your co-worker?  Is your workplace gender sensitive? Does your organization have a policy against sexual harassment? Are you wondering what counts as sexual harassment, in the first place? Sohini Mandal, Jr.Partner

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