Importance of Compliance for Entrepreneurs

Importance of compliance can be perceived by clearly defining our duty towards stakeholders. Compliance primarily means adhering to all necessary rules. Not just that also to abide by guidelines. Relevant to both under product quality and financial perspective. Founders and employees must understand the importance of compliance from very early stage of start-up. On the

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Prathibha Sastry

The Prathibha Sastry Show

The PS Show started as contextual channel to accompany women on a journey of self-realisation and happiness, has been designed to evolve PEP platform Videos on Health Health Health is wealth says a wise old saying. It can’t be any truer in today’s busy and digital life. As the world shrinks to your palm, we

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Startup 101 Legal Series – How do I arrive at the company valuation

 Company Valuation is the process of determining the economic value of the company. Arriving at the company’s valuation is a function of many components. Sharda Balaji, the founder of Novojuris, throws light on these components which together will help you in arriving at the valuation of the company. Sharda Balaji says that it is

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