Lesson in effectuation

Lessons in Effectuation and Entrepreneurship with Prof Saras

 Frequently Asked Questions on Effectuation [sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”What is Effectuation research?” answer-0=”Professor Saras D. Sarasvathy explains what is meant by the term “effectuation”, and describes it as the lessons learnt by expert entrepreneurs. Expert entrepreneurs are not marked by their success, rather, what distinguishes them from the rest is the journey that have faced

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Part Four of Indian Startup Ecosystem and Effectuation

  Indian Startup Ecosystem is still very much vested on using the old model when it comes to entrepreneurship. Saras Sarasvathy discusses the importance of incorporating the effectuation and causation method for growing startups. She also makes a few examples of Indian companies that are effectual. Most startups in India are tech startups learning from mentors and

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Part Three of Women and Effectuation

  In the USA, 30% of businesses owned by women are small businesses.  Saras Sarasvathy discusses female entrepreneurs concentrating on women and effectuation. She highlights various reasons that most female-owned enterprises stay small. However, there is Yan Cheung, the founder of Nine Dragon Paper who succeeded against all odds. We are talking about if Women and Effectuation

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Part Two of Principles of Effectuation

  In entrepreneurship, there are limitations like money, skills, etc. whether the entrepreneur thinks effectually or causally.  Saras Sarasvathy discusses the difference limitations between effectuation and causation. One important aspect of entrepreneurship is during the business establishment. The limitation to establish a business is based on the approach that the entrepreneur takes. So are there Principles of Effectuation

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Affordable loss and Visionary Entrepreneurs

  Affordable loss deals are a great business idea. But the universal problem, remains: how do you bring people on board? How do you get them to invest their time and money? For instance while one may have a novel idea as well as a means for venture creation. The operation is not complete without

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Who is an Expert Entrepreneur by Prof Saras

   Prof Saras D. Sarasvathy speaks more about her research and her study in this video. The research was conducted on various expert entrepreneur. It was to show that the lessons learnt by these “experts” are not merely a result of their individual levels of success or their particular fields or industries of focus.

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