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The Beginning of Value SaaS


Value SaaS Series – The Beginning…

This video is first in the Value SaaS Series. Prasanna Krishnamoorthy and Shekar Nair of Upekkha Accelerator talk about what is Value SaaS? And why is it relevant at this point of time.

We also have snippets where Kalyan Varma and Varun Jain talk about different aspects of SaaS Business. A beginning of the Value SaaS

We are talking about businesses that have been built capital efficiently. We have entrepreneurs who have broken down how they went about it. The beginning to SaaS endgames (exits) and all the lessons in between. Be it category creations, bootstrapping businesses,  relevance of customer success teams, inbound marketing and more..

Value SaaS Series in association with Upekkha and supported by Chargebee

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