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Startup Events for Women exclusively


Startup events for women play a pivotal role in building good network and breaking societal barriers.  Given the wage gap globally and percentage of women CEO s out of total being so less these become crucial. Although we women have viable ideas, we might need proper guidance and mentorship. There exist preconceived notions that women are conservative and not enough dynamic.

Startup events for women help them to confidently pitch ideas and meet experienced mentors. It is high time we held our own, made our voices heard and break a few myths along the way. Santosh Panda enlightens us with the answers of the above question. He speaks about how unfortunately no such event exists. Talking about the need for such events and furthermore hopes that PS Show’s takes up such initiative. 

Our mentor Santosh Panda illustrates us importance of start-up events for women. He is Co-founder & CEO of Explara, an online ticket and event discovery platform which provides many more services. He also has diverse experience as a software analyst in various MNCs. He further assisted various start-ups in product development.

This video is part of Start-up 101 series, where our experts provide guidance on all start-up bottle necks. Here are solutions for hundreds of questions you ever had and even for one’s you haven’t thought of yet. Moreover we have condensed huge experience of various mentors and founders into a handy, user-friendly manual.

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