Startup 101 Design Series - Tips on strategy for growing design team

Startup 101 Design Series – Tips on strategy for growing design team


Tips on a good strategy for growing design team and UX team at a startup.

UX and design of an application are primary tools that portray company’s quality and vision. Users have very short span of attention. Therefore UX and design have to be exceptionally good.

The catch here is to strategize on growing design team which can be trusted. We would need people who are qualified, efficient and who would adapt to our vision and expectations.

Should we go for secure option of recruiting well experienced team? Or can we afford to be experimental and recruit newbies for novelty in design? Further how strenuous it is growing design team which will align with our objectives?

Our mentor Jay Dutta guides us through this process. He is an alumnus of NID, worked as a UX designer for giants like Flipkart, Adobe and MakeMyTrip. Additionally, he co-founded UX design start-up and curator for various UI related conferences. Please do check out

The video is part of Start-up 101 series which acts as A-Z manual to budding entrepreneurs. Here our team of experts and mentors answers all your startup confusions. Moreover they strengthen your basics, before manoeuvring your way through nuances of start ups.

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