Part Two || Value Pricing – Maximize Success with Meaningful Founder Outcomes in SaaS

In the realm of software as a service (SaaS), meaningful founder outcomes involve retaining control and making informed decisions, even when considering lucrative exit strategies. Rajan emphasizes the importance of focusing on the process to achieve positive results.

Taking inspiration from Seth Godin, Rajan emphasizes the need to stand out by committing to a specific path, employing effectuation, and embracing peer learning. He explores the parallels between entrepreneurs and scientists, as well as the art of simplification and balancing investment with control capacity.

Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan, a partner at Upekka and a value SaaS expert, elaborates on these concepts. He co-founded Startup Bridge India to foster cross-border business for startups and has extensive experience in product management and innovation.

Apart from that Rajan talks about standing out by quoting Seth Godin. ‘You have to be remarkable, otherwise you are invisible.’ Through this he explains about sticking to one particular path, Effectuation and peer learning. How similar are entrepreneurs and scientists? How to make things simpler? How to choose between investment and control capacity?

Value SaaS Series targets businesses working towards their first million in revenue, either by bootstrapping or raising minimal external funding. These companies rapidly iterate and develop growth engines, scaling to $10 million and beyond using founder-friendly capital.

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