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The Trillion Dollar Opportunity in SaaS Business



Suresh Sambandam – Founder of OrangeScape & CEO at KiSSFLOW join us in the studio for the Value SaaS Series. Here he talks about how he shifted the business model from enterprise selling to desk selling. The changes that he had to make right from the website to why SEO still holds the key for SaaS business. He elaborates on the trillion-dollar opportunity in SaaS Businesses and how India can leverage the same.

The need for a mothership like Zoho in every city which can built like the Chennai SaaS model. The value created by the SaaS companies in the years has the opportunity to create the trillion dollar business that he is keen to help build.

After an initial entrepreneurial stint of 3 years at the age of 19, he went on to work at Hewlett-Packard. Later, he joined Selectica.  The division and its products were later acquired by Accenture.

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