Fundamentals of Finding Product Market Fit - The Prathibha Sastry Show

Fundamentals of Finding Product Market Fit


Fit to the product market is a relatively new but inevitable concept that the founders of start-ups need to understand at any stage. Subho Halder of Appknox on finding the Product Market Fit.

The products are simple. They are anything made or anything people do business with or for. On the other hand, markets are more difficult to define and have a wider misunderstanding. Target customers ultimately about how the product meets their needs.  Segmentation is the division of the entire market into market segments consisting of potential customers with similar needs and behaviours

In this video Subho Haldar  is discussing about Fundamentals of finding product market fit.

Subho Haldar is Co-founder and CTO at Appknox, a company that helps developers to create secure mobile applications. He has also been listed several times in different halls of fame in Google, Apple, Facebook etc.

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