Providing Value to Customers in SaaS: Lessons from GaragePlug

In this video, Shubhra Srivastava shares how her SaaS company, GaragePlug, is delivering value to its customers. She highlights the importance of focusing on customers to increase their value and grow the business. The value a customer receives is determined by the benefits of a product or service minus its costs.

Shubhra explains that GaragePlug provides value to customers by creating a pleasant consumer experience and operational excellence for car repair workshops. One of the most significant benefits of adding value to customers is that they become your brand ambassadors, promoting your product or service to others.

Shubhra also reflects on the moment; when they realized they had a customer who was selling their product for them. This moment highlights the importance of creating a product or service that customers love and find valuable.

GaragePlug is looking to disrupt the automobile industry by providing value to its customers. Know more about customers for your SaaS business here and here.