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Expert advice on What is Product Market Fit

A Product market fit refers to the capability of our company to sell the real solution to a problem. In other words, are customers in the market willing to buy our product? Will our product or service provide more value to customers than our competitors?  Prasanna has divided this product market fit into various Frameworks. PMF, Problem-value fit, product solution-fit and market-scale fit.

How does founding team be able to achieve this fit product solution? How to build a minimum viable product for the market? Can a founder feel when PMF is finally happening? 

In this video, Prasanna Krishnamoorthy explains above frameworks and what exactly it is. He is Partner in Value Saas Catalyst firm Upekkha. He enjoys coaching young entrepreneurs and worked with Microsoft Accelerator. Moreover he also authored various articles on start-ups, product management and crafted frameworks for PMF.

This video is part of Start-up 101 series, a handbook for all your start-up questions. They are a series of crisp, straight to the point solutions to all the possible queries. Here our start-up Gurus strengthens your basics, before manoeuvring your way through nuances of start ups.

This series answers all your questions on building a product, to tech to legal queries.

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