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What is SHe Box of PoSH Act 2013

Full form of SHe Box is Sexual Harassment Electronic Box. This Sexual Harassment electronic Box (SHe-Box) is an effort of Government of India to provide a single window access to every woman. This is irrespective of her work status, whether working in organised or unorganised, private or public sector. It is to facilitate the registration of complaint related to sexual harassment.

Sohini Mandal talks about SHe-Box. 

Watch her interview with Prathibha Sastry here

Sohini Mandal, Jr.Partner at Novojuris joins us in the studio to talk about the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act 2013.

POSH act, 2013 is the prevention, protection and redressal of sexual harassment in the workplace. It defines what actually constitutes sexual harassment. And therefore what are the ways to prevent, protect and address the same. P

POSH act mandates any organization having more than 10 employees to constitute an Internal Complaints Committee(ICC). This provides a channel for addressing sexual harassment at the workplace. Not just that it also elaborates on the actions to be taken, the confidentiality of the complaint, training and awareness. It also dictates the actions to be taken against any false accusation. It should also be noted that this Act is gender neutral and applies to both men and women.

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